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Father McCain

And by thy Sword shall thou live

Genesis 27:40

Father Alan McCain is seemingly a Anglican Church priest. He is a religious man to the extreme, devoted to the Almighty via the Royal Anglican Church, his faith is such that it gives him supernatural powers. He has been seen in Delft multiple times. Always he has retreated without doing harm. He seems completly confident in himself and is apparantly fearless. He hails from Newcastle.


  • "The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this one I have figured out"
  • "Venegeance is mine, so sayeth the Lord, but He is not limited in choosing his instrument"
  • "We die, so they may sleep"
  • "Be not blind to the truth, so sayeth the Book"


Father McCain seems to have a decicated group of followers, he is rarely seen alone. And almost always these followers seem willing to serve to the point of fanaticism.


Black blinded car with licenceplate "McCain". Rumor has it a Children of Gaia Elder once disappeared in it.


Among those powers the Garou have encountered the following.

  • Seemingly immune to claws and teeth
  • Seemingly unhurt by bullets
  • Unaffected by the delirium
  • Strong resistance to harmfull physical actions, partly because something about him prevents taking those actions.
  • Can drive out the wolf and all gifts until your natural moon is back
  • Persuasive, can turn almost anyone into a loyal follower, mayhaps a form of mind control.
  • Sensitive to the Spirit World.
  • Capable of banishing Spirits.
  • Injects Chemical composures into Garou, which causes them to glow. Other effects unknown.

Known weaknesses

  • He is still human. He needs to eat, drink, sleep.


  • Considers Garou as demons or at least demon worshippers. Believes they have struck a deal with the Devil to gain their powers.
  • Hunts Garou for this very reason, to protect his flock.
  • Is convinced of his vision of the world, likes to discuss but seemingly impossible to convince.


Multinational in Edinburgh is ooit ontstaan in door een hoefsmit in Coluden. Board of directors Alan McKain financiert weerwolfjagers.

De graaf is de grootse aandeelhouder. De graaf heeft de jagersgroep opgezet in 1703 en dat heeft hij gedaan om Schotland eronder te krijgen.