Riders of Ragnarok

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We think you stink. We think you're the sorriest excuse for a fucking organism on this side of the rotting earth. Why the god of thunder hasn't planted a lightning bolt up the hairy blubbery pit you call an ass we will never know. We're surprised you even managed to crawl this far, so hold still while we ram a candle into the back of your head and light it as a celebration. Me, personally, I want to spit in your face - a nice, big, green dripper, mixing with the tears as he slowly slides down your cheek. Ragnarok2.gif

In The Year Of The Wolf,

all the world smelled good,

In the snow and the ice,

all the rest was blood,

In the time of the tribe,

we took a thousand lives,

When I ran with the wolves,

and the hunting was good,

In The Year Of The Wolf,

all the tribe ran mad,

On the frozen lake,

and I felt so glad,

With tooth and claw,

all your blood and more,

When I ran with the wolves,

and the hunt turned bad,

See me now, this is not me,

Not like the one, I used to be,

See me now, you would not guess,

A different heart raving in my chest,

The Riders are a motorcycle based pack, consisting of a number of Get of Fenris, some Fianna and a somewhat lost Child of Gaia. They are tough, aggressive and seem overly prone to fighting amongst themselves. They run the bar that is currently favored by the sept.


Timo "Frozen Fang" Rautiainen, Get of Fenris Theurge

Mika, Get of Fenris Ragabash

Torsten, Get of Fenris Philodox

Trol, Children of Gaia Ahroun, pack alpha

Gunther, cub

Other former members somewhat worthy of mentioning:

- Tarja

- Jack Hops

- Eric O'Connor


Olle, Get of Fenris Ahroun (alpha) Dumb.jpg