Black Furies

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The Black Furies are a tribe from Greece. They are the amazones of the Garou.

The Black Furies are a tribe led by women. They believe that women are superior to men and that can be learned from anything they do. Any Male homid or lupus Black Fury will be brought, or simply sent off, to another tribe to be raised, only the male kinfolk can remain amongst the women and I don't need to tell you what they are used for do I? An exception is sometimes made for male Metis as well, they deem that Metis still have their use and often care for them and keep them within the tribe out of shame for their existence. Black Furies busy themselves with worthy causes for women and will stand up in a way aligning with their nature to any injustice done or chances to promote the wellbeing of other women around them. They are notorious for their feminism, which may cause them to butt heads with members of some other tribes amongst the Garou nation every now and then.

Known Black Furies

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