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Their Story so Far:

This pack of Bone Gnawers arrived in Delft on the 12th year anniversary of the sept on March 19 2011. The full name of this pack resembles something of  "De stichting ter bevordering van nobiliteit, eerst gekozene ridders van de zonnekoning, trouwelingen van.. " etcetera. 

In April is de Stichting doorgegaan als nieuw pack genaamd Noodzaak. Deze bestaat niet langer uit alleen Bonegnawers.


Known members:

All members are Bone Gnawsers: 

  • Tovaritsch, a flamboyant philodox
  • Guyusha, theurge, on the hunt for a mythical underground beast
  • Jakab, who likes pens and is the pack's galliard
  • Some second ragabash
  • Joop Verschuren, semiprof boxer

Previous members:



Known Associates:

Pack Trophies: