Delphensis World Atlas

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Above the bookshop Prins, on the umbra, lives Floris Balthasar van Berckenrode, who calles himself Delphensis.

The man is a cartographer, and is compiling a World Atlas. The data he has gathered already are found below. There's still a lot missing, through...

If you visit him, he will always ask you for more information for his Atlas. Other cearns, septs or spirits? Anything else worthy of a place in his life work? He hopes to one day have all the information available in his one, huge map.

The Delphensis World Atlas

In the first pages of the Atlas, space is left for words of thanks. They currently contain the following:

"Delphensis would like to thank the following for their outstanding additions to the Atlas:

Chigaru, Alpha of the 17th Nomos and Beta of Delft at the time of writing.

Thomas Dawnstalker, Alpha of Delft at the time of writing.

Reads the Cards, Alpha of Delft at the time of writing."