Elder Ahroun

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If a Sept Leader is the monarch who rules a sept, the Wyrmfoe, who holds the Ahroun seat on the Council of Auspices, is the general of the army that defends its protectorate. She serves as the primary tactician for the sept. The Wyrmfoe is the living embodiment of the sept's rage, hunting creatures of the Wyrm and securing the protectorate. It is her responsibility to assign individuals and packs to war parties, supplementing the work of the Warder's Guardians by assigning patrols for Ahroun around the protectorate. When a Sept Leader calls for a time of war, the Wyrmfoe leads the Garou into battle. One of the less-obvious duties of the office of the Wyrmfoe is to ensure that the defenses of the sept are well-stocked. She keeps the sept's mundane armory stockpiled and ensures that supplies are secured and food and water are plentiful. The Waystation is her dominion. It must always be ready to take on extra troops, house messengers moving between septs, and shelter the wounded after a battle.

The Wyrmfoe’s authority includes:

  • Assigning packs or individual sept members to war parties to combat specific threats.
  • Assigning Ahroun and their packs to patrol the sept's protectorate beyond the bawn.
  • Clearing the sept territory of any Wyrm influences discovered.
  • Assigning Ahroun to lead a hunt when called on to do so by the Sept Leader.
  • Handling the logistics of the sept, ensuring food, water, and other resources are available.
  • Overseeing the sept's armory and maintaining the mundane supplies within it.
  • Leading the packs to war when the Sept Leader declares a time of war.