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Many Garou consider justice to be a matter of pragmatic action rather than theoretical philosophy. It is the role of the Truthcatcher, the Philodox seat on the Council of Auspices, to ensure judgement comes from equal parts mercy, wisdom, and retribution. She enforces the application of justice as it applies to the Litany and Sept Laws within the protectorate of her sept.

A Truthcatcher oversees the entire legal and justice system of a sept. It is her responsibility to determine whether those accused of breaking laws are guilty or innocent, and to provide punishment or chance of atonement to those who are found guilty. Clearly, in larger septs, this responsibility is too much for a single werewolf, so she can empower other Philodox to act as her deputy judges in specific cases.

Mediation between packs of a sept falls under the jurisdiction of the Truthcatcher's office. She performs all ceremonial binding promises, such as oaths, alliances, and geasa. Her office keeps records of punishment and scandal, working with the Talesinger to ensure that punishment is public, so that it can discourage others. Likewise, the Truthcatcher assigns redemption quests to those seeking to be forgiven for past sins and crimes against the Litany. Atonement quests and tasks fall within the purview of the Truthcatcher and her assistant Philodox. Those Garou who show true remorse for their misdeeds, even while serving a punishment, can petition for or be offered the opportunity to atone for their actions. If the Truthcatcher accepts their request, they are assigned a task or quest, even possibly a geas, which they must complete in order to receive absolution for their offenses. Immediately after the Truthcatcher certifies the task's completion, any ongoing punishments the werewolf suffers for her crime end.


  • Adjudicating and holding trial over violations of Sept Laws or the Litany.
  • Appointing a Philodox to judge a Garou accused of a crime.
  • Assigning redemption quests to restore a criminal's honor.
  • Witnessing oaths, promises, and other ceremonial bindings.