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Fool might be the title of the Ragabash seat on the Council of Auspices, but only the naïve take the meaning of the name literally rather than metaphorically. Many see the Fool as the voice of political dissent within the sept. She serves as the pressure valve by which competing dominant werewolves are moderated into making wise decisions about the sept's future.

The Fool teaches the Litany by challenging it and giving voice to the unspoken concerns of the sept. While engaged in the duties of her office, the Fool becomes exempt from the normal protocols that govern Garou behavior. She is immune to punishment from any sept office, but that does not mean that she has carte blanche to do whatever she wishes. A Fool who pushes the boundaries too often finds herself challenged by her would-be students or the victim of her less-official expressions of displeasure.

The Fool serves as the devil's advocate for the sept. She can accuse anyone, no matter her position, of a crime against the Litany, and the Truthcatcher must judge the matter. Such privilege does not come without risk. Should the accused be found innocent, the Fool must endure the punishment that her target would have suffered. Additionally, the Fool is tasked with ensuring that an accused receives a fair trial when judged by the Truthcatcher. She can appoint any Ragabash to serve as an advocate, helping prove the defendant’s innocence or pleading for mercy in the form of a lesser sentence on her behalf. Arguably, the Fool's most important duty is to oversee the others of her auspice, ensuring that the Ragabash of the sept act in a manner that benefits its werewolves, not just themselves. The Fool directs her fellow Ragabash to learn information about the sept's enemies, scout for new missions or opportunities, and test the sept's defenses to ensure they are sound.


  • Accusing any member of the sept of a crime.
  • Appointing a Ragabash to defend any Garou accused of a crime before the Truthcatcher.
  • Holding immunity from prosecution for breaking any Sept Law or committing any lesser crime while she holds the office of Fool.
  • Assigning Ragabash to investigate members of the sept for scandal.
  • Assigning packs and individuals to locate and identify threats to the sept and its members.