Fangs of Valor

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Unity against the Wyrm

Once, the most fearsome, the most awesome pack of Delft. Today, it's members have vanished, died, or succumbed to Harano. Several years ago this pack, known as The Get Pack, was the undisputed leader of Bluepelt sept. All over the area and beyond, their battle cry, Unity against the Wyrm, struck fear into the hearts of their foes, and rallied their allies. The pack controlled most of the Sept postions in that time as well. All the auspice elders, save the Elder Ahroun, were Fangs. Three of it's members went on to become sept Alpha's.


The Fangs of Valor went for some time without a totem, looking for one that mirrored their lust for battle and indomitable spirit. In Chainbreaker they thought to find those values. Chainbreaker manifests himself as a big black wolf, a clear image of Fenris. On his first meeting with the Fangs he laughed at them for their arrogance and set them a goal. If they could defeat him in battle he would accept to be their totem spirit. As great as the might of the Fangs was at that time, it was only barely enough to defeat Chainbreaker but defeat him they did.

The fall

All such must end. In one of the most important battles Bluepelt had ever fought, the Fangs of Valor had guard duty over the Caern. They were assaulted and despite their might, they were soundly beaten. And their spirit never truly recovered. One by one they felt an urge to leave, some succumbed to Harano. Some tried to prove their might in battle. They did fight but never again did they recover their unity. When the Pieterse brothers left the sept they left behind a bell which would, when rang in dire need, recall all able Fangs to unite against the wyrm one more time. Sadly this bell seems to be lost.


  • Bjorn - Get of Fenris Homid Adren Ragabash
    Pack Alpha, Former Alpha of Bluepelt, left the sept
  • Sven 'Hunts on a Misty Field' - Get of Fenris Lupus Adren Ragabash
    Former Alpha of Bluepelt, went to the Veluwe to help the new sept there, missing since the fall of the Veluwe, presumed dead
  • Sjoerd Pieterse - Get of Fenris Homid Adren Galliard
    Left the sept to Amsterdam
  • Eddie Pieterse - Get of Fenris Homid Adren Philodox
    Succumbed to Harano
  • Knack - Get of Fenris Homid Fostern Theurge
    Killed in action
  • Lothar 'Bergennacht' Wolfgang - Silver Fang Homid Adren Theurge
    Former Alpha of Bluepelt, went missing in battle, later returned to the sept with the prince of Groningen.
  • Nightclaw - Get of Fenris Fostern Ahroun
    Left the sept
  • Amber 'en een Appelsap' - Get of Fenris Cliath Ahroun
    Poisoned by a treacherous kinfolk
  • T-Rex  - Uktena ? Fostern Theurge
    Former Elder Theurge, Former Rite Master of Bluepelt, killed by his own curiosity
  • Promise Jansen - Get of Fenris Homid Fostern Philodox
    Former Warder of Bluepelt, killed by spirals from Pernis