Ginger Wolfs

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Their Story so Far:

Ginger wolves pack glyph.GIF
During the summer of 2008, Rhiannon, Zero and Jamie (also known as Mery-Inpw) decided to form a pack of cunning. All aspects of the pack were thoroughly discussed. Jamie became alpha of the pack by claiming the Keeper of the Lands position. After convincing totem Fox to accept them as their children, they announced themselves to the sept as the Ginger Wolfs.

In march 2011 Sahid unsuccesfully challenged for alpha of the sept was sent to the past to heal Granum. Raymond expressed his desire to join the pack, shortly after Sahids departure.

In june 2011 both Zero and Raymond died while Zero tried to take the unconsious Raymond to safety. Jamie retro-actively adopted Raymond into the pack and held a private gathering for the departed for his two pack-mates.

Known Members:

Previous Members:

Sahid was send to the past in april 2011 and may be lost to the pack.




They may claim a territory, but they're not telling.

Known Associates:

Martin Dawnstalker

Pack Trophies: