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Pack info

The Story of Hachiko the Faithful Dog:

  • Hachiko was a dog known for his infinite fidelity and love to his owner, Eizaburo Ueno, a university professor. Every afternoon, Hachiko waited at the Shibuya train station until his owner returned from work - even after his tragic sudden death. This display of affection and loyalty has made Hachiko's story become world famous. This is the perfect example of the love that a dog can feel for their owner and we know this tale will move the hardest of hearts.

Pack Rules

  • You shall kill no humans.
  • You shall spread the story of Hachiko.



Pack Trophies:

 Miscellaneous Qualities: Superior, Nondescript
 Cantrip: Supportive
 Fetish Qualities: (1)Purifying, (2)Shielded (Radiation)
 Miscellaneous Qualities: Antique, Cold Iron, Deadly
 Cantrip: Anonymous, Sorcerous, Utilitarian (can summon a floating light)
 Fetish Qualities: (1)Aggrevated, (1)Additional Cantrips


Known Members:

Former members:

Former pack Omega, founding member.
Was made Adren post mortem despite only being Cliath. Sacrificed himself to save over 200 human lives at the pier of Scheveningen.

Former pack Alpha, founding member, former sept Warder.
Sacrificed himself to the Croatan totem Turtle, in order to weaken the Thunderwyrm that threatened the Caern Shard.

Former sept Alpha.
Was made a member of the pack, less than an hour before she too sacrificed herself to Turtle, so she wouldn't die without a pack.