Heralds of Nemesis

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We are the Heralds of Nemesis. We are the pack that brings death to those who have done ours wrong. We bring vengeange and absolution, we are the salvation for the sinful. Our hunt is final, your death will bring you honour and in that death all shall be forgiven. Your name will live on and be honoured as a worthy adversary.

We are the hand of vengance, the arrow from Nemesis' bow that will always fly true, or die trying. We are the answer to your sins.

The vision came into existance in a time when the Wyrm was harrying the Sept severely and Garou were cut down ruthlessly by the slime of the earth. Vengeance was the only answer, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, punishment for their deeds. Our first act of vengeance happened even before we found our totem Nemesis. Lucas ´Speaks with Beasts´ van Oranje, a packmember to be, was cut down by a group of Hunters when they trashed our local pub. Our pack to be, consisting of three members then, Megan "The Dentist" Cavanough, Steven "Defies the Storm" Bos and 'Ferret', swore to take vengeance upon those that took one of ours. Shannon de Boer know as ´Strong at Will´, became the fourth member, and shortly after we ran into the hunters again and brought them down with the help of mainly Schokbeton and Sherine, The Body. Not long after Yric ´Bloodsong´, showed up and started to run with our pack to be.

From here on I will leave the tale to Yric, for he is our Galliard and my way with words is not nearly as good as his, I am after all a Philodox...