Het 17e Nomos

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Their Story so Far:

This Silent Strider pack from Casablanca makes their home in Delft.

After some members have fallen they allow others to challenge for their pack.

Known members:

Chigaru - Lupus, Theurge
Safu - Homid, Philodox. part-time Denfather.
Abasi - Homid, Ragabash
Peter Jack - Homid, Galliard

Previous members:

Sekhemkhet - Homid, Galliard
Died while destroying Pestilence

Kafier "Eén oog'' Schouten - Homid, Theurge
Verblijft nu voor eeuwig op de Dark Umbra na de rite of the Winterwolf





The pack has claimed:

  • "De Binnenstad." (Because they have the Warder in the pack.)
  • "De Ring van Delft"