Master of the Challenge

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The legends surrounding purity of a challenge lie close to the heart of the Garou Nation. Perhaps this tradition is why a Master of the Challenge is among the most honorable and important positions within a sept. Her sole duty is to oversee and sanction all challenges that occur within the boundaries of the sept's protectorate. If the Garou of the sept lose faith in this system, it leads to bloodshed and violence that weakens the community.

It is considered a sign of respect to notify the Master of the Challenge before confronting your rival. Those wishing to advance in Rank must first contact the Master of the Challenge and request a proper trial that fits her schedule in order to do so. This process allows the Master of the Challenge to identify a Garou of the appropriate auspice and Rank to assist her, even if she must find such a worthy Garou in another sept. Often, the Master of the Challenge will aid other septs in this capacity, as her schedule allows.

Some less-honorable Sept Leaders have attempted to hide behind the Litany and escape challenges to their position through the declaration of a time of war. In these instances, the Master of the Challenge has the unique ability to overrule the Sept Leader’s declaration and allow challenges to her leadership to take place.


  • Overseeing all challenges by either personally witnessing them or appointing trusted judges to witness them on her behalf.
  • Determining the terms of physical fights.
  • Monitoring contests and declaring winners and losers.
  • Setting when and where a challenge will take place.
  • Determining if a Rank challenge is valid.
  • Connecting with other septs to procure appropriate judges for challenges.