Mei, 2009

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Right after the announcement by Rain on the cearn that we were going to attack plenty and bind her into the body of a fomor to destroy her we were attacked by a corrupted part of plenty. She swallowed a lot of the Garou, some where trying to destroy her and others like myself were trying to protect the other, weaker Garou from her. In the end I found myself right in front of the mouth and I jumped in to rescue my fellow Garou, unfortunately after a few minutes of a nauseating falling sensation I found myself back on the cearn.

A group had been swallowed and me and some others were spit out again. After this Rain left with a group into the tunnels below the cearn to find the group that was swallowed. He returned later with some lost items but no news.

The group that was swallowed returned moments earlier with the news that plenty was still alive and needed strength to escape. For this the theurges decided a galliard should restore the spirit of plenty to the sept. A course of action I had been suggesting. The story of Rain was concluded with a task for all the septs members to bring a gift for plenty the coming moot.

I have decided to take the task of Warder upon me to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. I hope there will be a chance for me to challenge the old Warder.

The Agatha square:

I was called by the project manager, where he got my phone number I do not know, but he offered me and Conrad the chance to arrange a redesigning as the architects computers had crashed and the original drawings were lost. There are currently 3 parties in the race for the contract, two of which are not from Delft and will therefore not get the contract. The third party will probably present plans that will not be within budget for the city.


There was a visitor from Groningen who warned us about someone trying to spread runors that the Bluepelt sept is in league with Chalice Stormbringer again.

Another visitor from the Veluwe announced that their alpha was from now on an Athro and that they renamed the sept to Bilskimir which means City of Thor. Thor was recently released by members of the Bluepelt Sept and according to everyone, cleansed, but it seems that this messenger was tainted.


A nun arrived with a story about Dorothea, the patron saint of the ordo Corpus Temporalis, soon after the Gingerwolves left, I suspect it had something to do with this.

Ginger Wolfs in Guden:

According to the ghost of the nun Veronica Magdalena we must pick up 'her hands' from the monastry in Guden. Professor Dawnstalker, Say-Meal, Jean-Pierre, Sahid and the Ginger Wolfs take a freight plane to Guden. When we arrive in Guden we meet a junk named Petrov, who claims to have been on the firing squad that executed the last tsar. Before we manage to get to the monastry we have two visions. The first one is of Dorothea and her male companion. It seems she lost faith after death and he didn't. Dorothea mentions the name Malva Gita. The second vision is of a nun and her lover who urges her to break her vows and become his wife. Unable to renounce either her vows or her love, the young woman kills herself, leaving her lover devastated. In between these two visions Petrov shows up, singing a silly song "Lalala, Malva Gita will be mine." In the monastry we have a talk with mother superior. Before the conversation gets really interesting Petrov shows up, pushing all of us out of the way with some sort of invisible force and takes off with the holy finger bone of Dorothea. This also robs mother superior of her holy strenght. Zero tries to track Petrov by his smell, but his trace is untraceable somewhere between last week and tomorrow.

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