Pure Breed

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Garou take greate pride in their lineage. How directly the share blood with Prognigator Wolf. Pure Breed is how the Garou signify this lineage.

Garou with high Pure Bree] can lay some claim to the famous and glorious deeds of their ancestors. Garou with a high rating of Pure Breed, Such as Silver Fangs, commonly are looked up to, even though more is expected of them to match the deeds of their famous ancestors. Even those who not breed true, Kinfolk can have Pure Breed.

Game Technical

Pure Breed is a background for Garou and Kinfolk characters. A Pure Breed rating of 3 at least is required for all Silver Fangs. Bone Gnawers and Glass Walkers cannot have pure breed.

In contrary to popular belief, a Metis can have Pure Breed, even tough he himself is not pure, his parents could have been.

Pure Breed is instinctivly recognised by Garou and respected. In game Pure Breed is indicated by silver lines that are painted over a player's eyes. Players are expected to respect characters that have Pure Breed, there is no viable in-game reason not to respect this trait.