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De Rank paginas zijn onvolledig en/of outdated. Hopelijk heeft er binnenkort iemand tijd om naar te kijken.

Garou society is ordered by ranks. Those that are of a higher station decide on what should be done. A Garou can advance in rank by collecting Renown which is proof for his or her proven Honour, Glory and Wisdom. As a Garou gains a higher rank, he or she also gets more responsability.

The six ranks are:

  • 0 - Cub - These are the Garou youngsters.
  • 1 - Cliath - A Garou cliath can be compared to a human adoscelent.
  • 2 - Fostern - A Garou Fostern can be compared to a human adult.
  • 3 - Adren - Adrens have more responsibility in Garou society. They are given leading positions.
  • 4 - Athro - Athro's have proven to be good and capable leaders.
  • 5 - Elder - They are truly the bomb.