The Children of the Five Moons

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History / description:

Not to be mistaken with the pack The Children of the Moon or the newspaper the Five Moons. The Children of the Five Moons, is a pack from many years ago. Just after the last van Leeuwenhoek was Alpha, this pack was formed. They strove to have at least one of every moon in their pack, and followed the totem Ant. But as the pack was slowly falling apart, so was the mind of Martin ´Scherpspreker´ it´s Alpha. And as both he and his protege Jimmy ´Eerste Wond´ left the sept, and slowly turned towards the wyrm, so did this pack draw it´s last breath.

Previous members:

  • Martin ´Scherpspreker´
  • Jimmy ´Eerste Wond´
  • Scope
  • (a female child of gaia (nelie roos) ), probably Ayla
  • (there was a fifth member for sure) Stoichkov, a cousin of the first alpha, was a member of this pack for sure. I don't remember his first name though.