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The Founding of The Pride

The Pride have taken it upon themselves to walk the path of their totem Lion. When the founders challenged their totem he declared that if he was to be followed there were conditions:

  • First: The garou should go back to their nature and fight for Gaia using only the wyld.
  • Second: As the kings of the animal kingdom they should find and protect the animals in their territory.

Since the founding of the pack. The pride is known to solve things without help of modern technology. Next to the traditional way of solving problems, they also value solidarity among all of those who form Garou Nation. Within Delft The Pride is a highly respected pack.


Fallen Heroes

Previous Members




  • Binnenstad
  • Hof van Delft
  • Schieweg

Their Stories

January 2019

During the Moot of January 2019 Zilveren Belofte won the challenge to become Alpha of the pack. The same evening Johann "Breekt de muur" Weber and Erika "Runs with Seasons" challenged for the Pack. Both will receive their challenge in January or February. Thea "Trinity" O’Larry challenged to become Beta of the Pack. The new Alpha said he would give a challenge as soon as the others would be there, as it would be an opportunity for them to also claim the position and challenge.

In the evening of the Moot the pack, together with various cubs whom were assigned by the Den Parents, made their way to the Drugslabs at the Rotterdamseweg in Delft. The pack split up. Half going to the Umbra, the other half via the Realm. What the pack as a whole found that the entire street on the Realm was littered by drugs, gangs, and criminality of all kind. On the Umbra multiple huge banes were lingering around the zone. Before the pack returned to Caern those on the Realm fought with Russian Mob criminals who were transporting drugs. The Car dealder was used a front for their operations. The humans were beaten and intimidated to go and never return. However to solve the Rotterdamseweg issues more effort from more packs is needed. Or maybe a pack with more Weaver affinity at the very least.