Wheel of Ptah

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This Sept has long been well-known amongst the Garou as a travel hub. Situated in Casablanca (Morocco), this Cearn held most of the Moonbridges. For this reason, they were the first under attack, and in a wise but traumatic move they destroyed their Pathstone to prevent further harm to the network of Moonbridges. Now, the Silent Striders which have always lived there have joined forces with the Shadow Lords to find new means of communication and become a travel hub once again.

Known Packs


  • Caern Spirit: Ptah, Opener of Ways
  • Dit is één van de zeldzame plekken waar Silent Striders zich daadwerkelijk thuis voelen.
  • Het Sept Wheel of Ptah is het Sept in Casablanca en wordt daarom meestal ook Casablanca genoemd.
  • Vroeger stond Casablanca bekend om haar vele moonbridges, naar iedere uithoek van de wereld. Na de aanvallen van de Dark Brigade zijn ze dit voordeel kwijt.