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History / description:

A new pack, currently seeking a totem, waiting until the two cubs can join in full and become a garou pack instead of the wolf pack they are now.

After Caleb's death at the Veluwe and the takeover by the Weaver of their territory of the Delftse Hout, the remainder of this pack seems to vanished from Delft.

Known members:

  • Wandering Paw, Lupus, Theurge, Uktana, Cliath, Alpha Wolvenjacht.
  • Caleb, Lupus, Ahroun, Child of Gaia, Cliath, Beta Wolvenjacht.
  • Chases Rabits, Lupus, Ahroun, Silent Strider, Cub, lid Wolvenjacht.
  • Tweede staart, Lupus, Ahroun, Get of Fenris, Cub, lid Wolvenjacht.

Previous members: