Wyld Strike

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History / description:

Wyld Strike originated from the collaboration of Sixpack with illustrious sept-members like Drake, Yric ´Bloodsong´, Conny and Shannon de Boer among it's ranks. With the addition of the new members the old Sixpack required a new name and (totem)spirit. Initially they quested for Ferret, the former totem spirit of Beefcake, yet failed this totem's challenge (find the names of all of Beefcake's original members). It is rumoured that they will return to Ferret after questing for their Adren-challenges...

Known members:

Allegdly the strongest pack in Delft now consists of the following members:

  • Alpha: Conny, Bone Gnawer Homid Fostern Theurge - Alpha of the Bluepelt Sept.
  • Beta: Spazziatura, Bone Gnawer Lupus Fostern Ahroun - One of the oldest garou in Delft.

Previous members:

  • Jack Shit, Former Alpha of Wyldstrike, Bone Gnawer Homid Fostern Ahroun - Elder Ahroun of the Bluepelt Sept. Jack died in battle with the abomination.
  • Drake, Get of Fenris Homid Ahroun Cliath. Drake died in battle with the abomination.
  • Yric ´Bloodsong´ Get of Fenris Homid Galliard Cliath. Yric died after his packmates helped him through his Rite of the Winterwolf.
  • Shannon de Boer, Fianna Homid Philodox Cliath. Shannon has left the Bluepelt sept to return to her home in Ireland.