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                                                    Angerfist kopie.jpg

Their Story so Far:

This pack from Brabant is roaming around in the Delft region every few months. Their home territory of Uden lies close to the new cearn of Eindhoven, but they have allegiance to the Bluepelt Sept since before the founding of eindhoven. Also, most original members are Glasswalkers so they feel an obligation of helping Delft.

After facing much losses in the Apocalypse the Alpha of the pack, Raise&Revolt, decided to put an end to Angerfist. Rikkert and he both challenged for a different pack afterwards.

When Rumours started spreading of increased gang violence in Delft, Angerfist Arrived on the Cearn in Delft. But it was not the same pack that Delft remembered. they brought a gift with them for Thomas "De Generaal" Dawnstalker: One tooth from each Black Spiral Kinfolk killed in the Charleroi genocide. Immediately after presenting the gift they claimed Tanthof.

Known members:

Raise&Revolt Alpha

Rikkert "Slice em Up" Beta

Previous members:

Bassie, Glasswalker ragabash. Died during the founding of the Eindhoven Cearn

Wout, Glasswalker philodox.

Eraser, Glasswalker philodox.

Franky "Spit on You" Schuijlenburch

Barrie "Bring the Pain" Smulders

Chop Chop


Angerfist, a Rage Spirit



Pack Trophies: