De Slachter van het Vee

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A malevolent Bane spirit, with a rich history dating back to the times of medival Delft. When he surfaced again recently (around 2006) and started killing in and around Delft, the Bluepelt Sept tracked him down and slew him, the final blow that of then Alpha Reinhardt. The Butcher of Cattle was then binded by three theurges, Dr. Gregorius Wolfgang Mann, Lightningcaller and Francisco "Learns the Dark" Guillermo De Gorvida into an ancient stone taken from a prison. The whereabouts of this stone however was a secret known only to these three theurges, and all have died before passing it on.

In juli 2015, the Butcher of Cattle resurfaced in Delft and it's surroundings. It was bound in a stone of the Oude Delft. It tricked a cub into believing it was another old spirit, trapped by the Black Spiral Dancers. Only when the spirit was freed it was found out that he was the Butcher of Cattle. It was a brave few, pack Tweede Keus, Abasi and Ilea "Oathkeeper" Westhoven, who went to face the Butcher of Cattle on the fields outside Delft, on that same day he was freed. During a hardfought battle, The Butcher of Cattle was beaten down in glorious manner by the metis, Wolfag, and bound once again by Ilea "Oathkeeper" Westhoven and Wears the Umbra.