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Adren, DEAD

Member of the wandering mystics since juli 2004. At that moment he was called fights-to-the-death. Most famous for obtaining Grandfather Thunder's aid in defeating the mould dragon at the new shopping mall. After the defeat of the dragon jari"fights with cave" gave him the name lightning caller. Grandfathers's ban on the Blue Pelt sept was to be honoured every mootrite for the next ten years, a task Lightning Caller has performed every moot rite since.

Remarkable was his dedication to Maureen "Natural Exception" de Zwart. To some it was clear that he was willing to do litarelly everything to keep her safe.

In juni, 2008 he fell to the claws of the Abomination. his greatest accomplishments were:

  • Defeating an army of scrags with a few fellow garou when he first came to the bluepelt sept.
  • Obtaining the aid of Grandfather Thunder and an army of fire elementals to defeat the Mould Dragon.
  • Chasing away the balefire elemental guarding the black spiral cearn in pernis.
  • Helping to retrieve the pathstone of the fallen cearn in the veluwe.
  • Helping retrieve the the Crown of Holland of the Netherlands and the Key of Delft.
  • Having a good part in killing the dragon in the Scar.

He died without finishing the fetish he was making. A fetish named soul of lightning.