De Vrede Krans

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The Crown

Mysterious Artefact created by the Warders of Men to stop the Protection Wars in Holland. Connected to the Spirits in Holland and only usable by kin or direct descendants of Silverfang house Wintersnow. More on this history can be found here

Uncovered by a group of Garou of the Bluepelt Sept. Dishonorably claimed by Alexander van Roermond, who crowned himself king of the Netherlands.

There is a rumour that says that the Crown has been empowered by these Garou themselves in the past while they travelled through time. A young and untried Cliath Maureen "Natural Exception" de Zwart has been said to lead this ritual.

The Crown is last seen in possesion of Eduard "Gaia's Gekozene" van Roermond de Provence after he has claimed it from the Spirals at the victory in the Pernis Pit.