Maureen "Natural Exception" de Zwart

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Maureen "Natural Exception" de Zwart
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Fostern, Former Alpha, DEAD

Maureen has come to the Bluepelt Sept in November, 2005 with the disappearance of her mother, a Glass Walker without much renown.


In Februari, 2006 she succeeded in her Rite of Passage and gained the rank of Cliath. After bringing back the Key of Delft and the Crown of Holland she was deemed wise enough by the spirits to gain the rank of Fostern. In Juli, 2007 she respected the wishes of Jozeph when he died and succeeded him as Alpha of the Bluepelt Sept and remains unchallenged until now. In Juli, 2008 she retired as Alpha, without honour nor challenge, because she has fallen to a deep depression after the death of Lightning-Caller her pack alpha and closest friend.

Theories & Theses

She has been developing a theory which is called The James Bond Theory which tried to prove in relation to Chalice Stormbringer. Maureen is a computer programmer and hacker with some considerable skill and is generally mistrusted, like most Glass Walkers, for her connections with Weaver Spirits.

Also, Maureen holds a MSc degree in Computer Science after succesfully finishing her thesis 'Computer viruses and their implications' which has led to many a job offer from major software companies in virus protection which she gracefully declined.


Maureen was one of three cubs that have been picked by Chalice Stormbringer to be her contacts within the Bluepelt sept. As such she is one of the so called Chosen.

In Januari, 2008 she vowed to the Sept that within the year the head of Chalice Stormbringer would be presented to the Caern spirit of the Veluwe Sept.

Computer Virus

It is rumoured, at least under the Glass Walkers, that Maureen is the author of a mysterious and unmatched computer virus, called Natural Exception or NE.

Recently, Augustus, 2007, the Computer Virus seems weakened and on the verge of destruction. Although not publicly, Maureen claims this victory at some price.

Crown & Key

Since the armies of Chalice Stormbringer have been driven back in Februari, 2007 Maureen has busied herself with finding information about the Delft city Key and the Crown of Holland, two important fetishes of the Garou in Holland. Together with some other noteworthy Garou she uncovered these fetishes and helped to keep them out of the hands of the Abomination.

Harendotes and Jozeph gave her the Key to keep save, but after consulting Granum she decided the Key should remain with the highest ranking Garou of the Sept, the Alpha. The Key she gave back to Joseph, which was the second time she handed a powerful fetish in her possession to others. Previously she set a challenge for the fetish Magwodan, which Jack Shit won.

As Alpha of the Sept, she holds the Key since Augustus, 2007.


  • Recovered the Key of Delft and the Crown of Holland, two very powerful fetishes, in a spirit quest.
  • Succesfully forged peace in the Garou society of the Netherlands and holds the honour token of the King Alexander van Roermond himself.
  • Has slain the abomination together with Francisco.
  • Has succesfully lead the Bluepelt sept through deep umbral realms to recover Plenty, the Delft Caern spirit and slay both the abomination and the Dragon that represents de Nachtchirurgijn.


On the 20th of september, 2008 Chalice Stormbringer had Maureen executed for treason. She will be sorely missed by the Bluepelt sept.