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Harendotes Dawnstalker
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Homid Galliard Silent Striders
Adren, LEFT

This Garou is most famous for returning the path stone to Delft. She was the first denmother of the sept, a position she gained by naming more lines of the litany then her opponent, a Black Fury philodox whose name is lost in the mists of time. After fullfilling this position for over a year, she was replaced by Puck-maakt-lawaai who held a more militant view of cub rising. When Dies-Last Dawnstalker left Delft, just before the Big Fire she went with him, only to return years later.

Harendotes has a strange relationship with Dies-Last. He is heard to have called her sister, while she in turn is said to have closer ties with the Shadow Lords then ordinary. However, one look at her greying hair tells you she'd sooner be his mother then his sister..

Harendotes left Delft for parts unknown in may 2007, but not before passing on all her documents to those she trusted.