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A sept is a number of packs who have all settled on a Cearn. They have devoted themselves to defend the Cearn they inhabit with their lives and do their best to clean the surrounding area's around the Cearn as well. There are many stories of entire septs falling to defend these holy places.

The Sept of Delft is a large sept. It's numbers vary, but there are usually 25 to 30 Garou residents. The Sept has been ruled by many different Alphas. Currently Rain "Feeder of Crows" Gryffith leads the Bluepelt sept. Some believe that the sept is a chaotic one at best, but after centuries it still stands to face the Wyrm with rows and rows of teeth.

Monthly, this sept meets to discuss, perform their rites and honor their caern. One of the former Alphas, Jozeph, has started to journal all the happenings. You can find these in the moot journals.

There are of course many other Septs across the world.