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If I got the numbers right (december 2015), we have on average 23 players and 5 NPC characters per session, with a total pool of about 50 players.

The bluepelt sept as a whole numbers somewhere about 30 active members. Documented here are those with a sept position, garou with a description, garou who fell in battle and garou who left the sept.

Current positions of the Bluepelt Sept

Council of Auspices:

Current Tribe Elders of the Bluepelt Sept


Garou of the Bluepelt Sept

OOC information

For editors: only link pages here! No stubs and open links. At any time, this page should show all the wiki pages we have on sept members. Also, see Garou Template instructions to see how to add those kickass stat blocks on your character page!

(..of which there are many more, just not with their own pages)

Members gloriously fallen in battle

Other dead members

Former members

Current Kinfolk

Former Kinfolk

Dead Kinfolk