John "Hart van Goud" Wyn

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John "Hart van Goud" Wyn
Homid.gif Ahroun.gif Uktena.gif
Homid Ahroun Uktena

Charcoal black tip of arrowhead,

among these ancient, stones - stained red

Heartbeats share rhythms of ghostly drums..

Winds carry haunting, chanting hums

I feel your blood, flow here with mine,

outlasting, even decaying time

I've been told the stories, told to you,

I know we're just spirits, passing through

When thunder, shakes awake the night,

I vision warriors by firelight

Their voices echo, around mountain's soul,

while moon and stars watch us below

Respect the sky, and mother earth,

borrow the beauty, from time of birth

Then give in death peacefully

yourself, to rest eternally

Among these ancient, stones - stained red,

my mirror reflects traces, of those long remembered

Verkoopt de Huid

The Story so Far:

A wealthy Uktena with his own casino in Delft. His wealth is only matched by his strength and generosity.

John died in february 2018 in his casino. He was lured in and murdered by Black Spiral Dancers who kidnapped his wives.


Adren (post mortem)


Former member of Het Verzet van Hamelen