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Homid Philodox Shadowlords
Adren Challenging for Athro,

The Story so Far:

Former member of the Wanderers of Twilight and Claws of Gaia. This Garou is most infamous for using a Silver Fang as a shield against a vile wyrm creature. His animosity with the Glasswalker Wladislav Lodz was almost legendary. Xavier is well-known for his ineptness in politics and his failure in challenges. However, as he is one of the longest surviving members of the sept, he must have some hidden merits. He is the only one to have ever held the position of Truthcatcher in the sept. He briefly was Beta under Reinhardt untill he lost a riddle challenge from Jozeph. Ironically, it was his enemy Wladislav 'Eyes Closed' Lodz who convinced Reinhardt to appoint Xavier as Beta in the first place.

Xavier has also been publically named an ally and greatly respectful to the Silver Fang cause, a (dubious?) honor not often found on a Shadow Lord.


Adren, Challenging for Athro


Full Moon


  • Former Elder Philodox
  • Former Master of the Challenge
  • Former Alpha of the Bluepelt Sept
  • Former Beta of the Bluepelt Sept