Wanderers of Twilight

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Among the many packs that the Bluepelt sept knew, there was only one widely considered 'untrustworthy': the Wanderers of Twilight. Even now, years later, new shady facts are coming into the light. Their shrine still stands[1].

This group was formed by a number of powerful Shadow Lords, most prominently Dies-Last Dawnstalker and Xavier. Other Garou that joined them were Second-to-None and Harendotes. They took their name from the dawning amd rise of the garou nation, which was now in a descent. They argued that since everyone was descending into the dark, thus they too should operate in the twilight, where some things were seen and should remain hidden.

They took Grandfather Thunder for a totem, in a lenghty ritual in which they bound a child to a hidden location in Delft. Their promise was that as long as the child remained buried, their alliance would last. At first, all went very well. As a pack they managed to control a large part of any and all criminal underground organisations, fighting the wyrm and it's vampiric agents not as a great evil but as rivals. Many shady dealings were done and many a controverse went up around the different members of the pack. However, it was the glass promises made between Dies-Last and Pawnbreaker that broke them. Although the pack still existed in name, these two turned into bitter enemies tearing down their surroundings in their tumble downwards. In the end both left the sept. Even though the wanderers are gone, you can still hear the child cry on stormy nights.