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Their Story so Far:

Deep down below Delft the slithering serpent slides across murky waters and hidden sewers. Down storm drains and through a network of tunnels remaining from the Dawn of Ages itself. The Full_Moon seek to strike at the Wyrm's heart itself before succumbing to it's thralls.

Among them rank the most sinister - and senior garou Delft has left before Apocalypse descends upon them. Their motives shifting like Luna's many faces from passing on Delft's darkest lores to burying wisdom best left forgotten. These followers of Uktena are renowned for their untrustworthiness, yet their youngest members gain the benefit of the doubt...for now.

In July 2014 The Scribe and Thomas decided to disband the pack. Both are going their own ways. Thomas is creating a new pack and The Scribe is doing what he always does.

Known Members:

Together they, should, represent each and every aspect of Luna's many faces. Bringing her glory to forgotten places and creatures from times long gone.

Previous Members:

  • Conny, homid Bone Gnawer Adren Theurge - Conny made a deal with a spirit. His body is empty and his soul disappeared. The rest of the pack refuses to believe he is dead.
  • Ghost, lupus Silent Strider Fostern Ragabash - Ghost fell in the battle to regain the Delftse Hout in February 2011 against the Bane Ravisher
  • Xavier van Houten, homid Shadow Lord Adren Philodox - Disappeared. Perhaps finally challenging for Athro?



De tunnels van Delft.

Known Associates:

Pack Trophies:

De stok zwarte gal, 1 van de benodigdheden om een ritueel uit te voeren om de Caern te beschermen.