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First Appearance:

A very bit Wyrm Spirit who came to the Bluepelt Sept to make a deal to get rid of the Weaver in the Delftse Hout, as Alpha Joost van Hensbergen made clear he would not strike a deal with the wyrm he fought the sept and got out of there.

The Story so far:

He was seen just before the sept fought against the Wyrm in the Delftse Hout after freeing their totems standing on a building with the Recalsifier next thim ordering him to attack the garou of the Bluepelt Sept.

Hours later [[Joost van Hensbergen called him out but a pack of Black Spiral Dancers came out and fought the brave sept only for their Theurge calling their Totem Ravisher. Ravisher arrived at the fight and brought back his Pack who just died, he challenged Joost van Hensbergen only to humiliate him and throwing him back at his sept in disgrace. Ravisher was trying to get away but a few brave garou hold on to him only to see him release his left arm dropping himself in what can be only described as a very dark and cold place in the Deep Umbra as white arms where trying to touch the brave Garou. Ananke "Focus" has got the left arm in her possesion at the moment.