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When the Black Spiral Dancer Mac was Alpha of the Bluepelt Sept, he gave away a large piece of the Delfse Hout to the Weaver in exchange for the Key of Delft and the Fleur de Lis back. When this deal was sealed, the Weaver wasted no time and send the Recalsifier to start the new building plans. But the Delfse Hout turned out to be tainted and the longer the Recalsifier stayed there, the more insane and mutated it became. In January 2011 it decided that the whole of the Delfse Hout and all in it was to be destroyed, and the Weaver found out it no longer controlled the recalsifier. And so the Bluepelt Sept went into one of the toughest battles they had seen since Chalice Stormbringer.

The New Moons pack was tasked with bringing this spider the size of a building down, while the rest of the Sept relentlessly attacked it. In the end, the New Moons used all their technology gifts and their fetishes to break down the spider and they destroyed it. When the Sept was done tearing apart what was left of the Recalsifier, they returned back to the Cairn and proclaimed victory. One of the creature's saw blades was taken as a trophy by the Elder Ahroun and was presented to the pack for their victory. The blade stands on top of the Cairn to remind the Sept of this great victory.