The Recalsifier's Sawblade

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In January 2011, the Bluepelt Sept had one of the toughest battles yet since Chalice Stormbringer. They were tasked to fight the Recalsifier, a huge insane and mutated Weaver spider, that the Weaver had lost control over. The Sept achieved a glorious victory when the New Moons pack completed their given task and used all their technology gifts and fetishes to break down the spider, while the rest of the Sept relentlessly attacked it.

One of the creature's saw blades was taken as a trophy by the Elder Ahroun and was presented to the pack for their victory. The blade stands on top of the Cairn to remind the Sept of this great victory. The Recalsifier's Sawblade has a second meaningful purpose for the Bluepelt Sept. As it was this victory that reclaimed the Delfse Hout as their territory, and the Delfse Hout has always been home to the strongest pack in Delft, it is used as a token for this territory.

Anyone picking up this trophy can issue a challenge for the strongest pack of Delft, and thus the territory of the Delfse Hout.