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Their Story so Far:

The New Moons was originally founded by the van Bergen Henegouwen twins and Scrounge. The pack's name was chosen for it being an all Ragabash pack back then. The New Moons quested for the aid of Cockroach, and after helping the great spirit back to his original strength in Delft, he accepted them as his children. In late 2010 Alexander joined the pack, and in March 2011 he challenged Gillian for the position of Alpha. Alexander won the Glasswalker related challenge and became the pack's second Alpha. That same month Hack and Cash and Tosh asked to join the pack, and after they completed the pack's challenge, they were welcomed into it.

An all Glasswalker pack, the New Moons have taken it upon themselves to fix up Delft, gain a foothold in the real world's powers and use their considerable influence to better the world and protect Garou society. Guarding the veil seems to be a daily job in Delft, but the New Moons do it like no other, and with a smile.

The victory the pack is best known for is over the Recalsifier a tainted and deranged weaver spider that was demolishing the Delfse Hout. The New Moons were tasked with bringing this spider the size of a building down, while the rest of the Sept relentlessly attacked it. In the end, the New Moons used all their technology gifts and their fetishes to break down the spider and they destroyed it. One of the creature's saw blades was taken as a trophy by the Elder Ahroun and was presented to the pack for their victory. The blade stands on top of the Cairn to remind the Sept of this great victory.

Other great achievements of the pack are the reclaiming of the Sept's territory on the real world. After the Sept had lost their claim to the Agathaplein for years, the New Moons reclaimed it and are the official owners. They also possess the ownership papers to the once lost Delfse Hout.

They are currently working to better the Sept's relations with both the Weaver and the humans of the city itself.

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Het Sint Agathaplein

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