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Elene van Leeuwen
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Homid Galliard Black Furies
Cliath, DEAD

Elene who after her first change was looked after by Helena who runs a womenshelter in Delft, started to work there. Elene never knew her biological parents. She started to see Helena as her aunt. After a year working with her learning more about being a garou, she met Pandora. Elene started to care for her as if she was her little sister.. or... Together they were sent to greece to learn more about them being Black Furies. Elene was quiet in her time there. She tried not to get noticed to much. But she constantly kept an eye on Pandora. Eventually Elene became a Cliath. Just as Pandora. Pandora and Elene started a pack with two other women. the Trojan Weasels. The name was created during a good drinking session. After this pack was fallen since two members died the black fury elders decided that it was a good idea to send Pandora to Delft. Elene who still cared much about her decided to go with her.

So Elene came to Delft in December 2006. Pandora and Elene met Tom Piers before they arrived in Delft who gave them a pack of envelopes that they should give to important members of the sept.

Shortly after they formed a pack al'Gaia. With Pandora "plays with fire" Tom Ketelaars Tom "finds the last piece" Piers and Elene. Later Jozeph joined them. After the death of Jozeph, Pandora and Tom Ketelaars didn't came back anymore. In the meanwhile Elene started a job with Secuur. To figure out what was going on there. Because Jozeph asked her. She is still working there and in the meanwhile she has a new pack. Pack Urban Discipline with Martin "sits the fence" Victor and Athena.

Elene also started a map in which she collects the stories known by the bluepelt sept. verhalen map van Elene

Elene has died.