Urban Discipline

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History / description:

In december 2007, Urban Discipline was formed. Originally planned to become pack trash the members were given the honour of naming their pack Urban Discipline by Conny a former member of the original pack.

The pack stands for tactical attacks. Stealing hiding and spying.

Elene former Beta from pack al'Gaia decided that in the absence of her packmates from al'Gaia that it was time to find a new pack. Martin "Sits the fence" ,after a year being a cub finally a cliath, told her that a new pack was going to be formed with him and Victor. After a while she decided that it was a new oppertunity to serve the sept again. After some talking and planning a new pack was formed. pack trash... and then renamed by Conny.

Pack Urban Discipline started after creation directly with the Secuur problem... First they went to the black house in the Julianalaan and then they went to de Chef. The stories about these actions can be read in verhalen map van Elene.

Unfortunately Elene will run with us no more. She has died while defending the Cearn as our Alpha and the septs Beta and my favourite Galliard on 2/16/08. We will remember her forever. - "Sits the Fence"

Known members:

Previous members:

Known members of the original Urban Discipline: