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A recent addition to the sept is pack Al'Gaia. They are led by two daring and outspoken Black Furies, who are in turn backed by a number of more level-headed garou. Similar to the real world organisation, they seem to be hardliners, willing to take grave measures to get the world out of the lull it has fallen into.

This is their pack sign:

After the death of Jozeph. Pandora and Tom Ketelaars didn't return to the sept anymore. Pandora went to France at least that was the last location known by Elene. In December 2007 Elene was through with the waiting and decided to form a new pack Urban Discipline.

Pack Members

Pandora "Plays with Fire" de Winter, pack alpha

Elene van Leeuwen, pack beta

Tom Ketelaars

Tom "Finds The Last Piece" Piers

Former members

Jozeph "Der Prinz" von Kirchten-nach-Wolfgang