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Homid Theurge Silent Striders

Only sent to Delft to deliver a message to the new Alpha, this man decided to hang around. He even joined one of the first packs, the Wandering Mystics. Did fellow theurge Luna have anything to do with this? Fact is, the two theurges did share a house.

In the early days of the reformed sept, the young Garou of Delft were franticly looking for the Cearn, wich was hidden by the Elders before the sept was reformed. Also looking for the Cearn was an evil Wyrm-mage who possesed Strider's body. When the Cearn was finally found, the Wyrm-mage was defeated and Strider's soul returned to his body.

After his pack-mate Comix left for Amsterdam, Strider became ritemaster of the sept, untill he too felt the need to leave. He has been known to occasionally visit his old sept to deliver aid or words of wisdom.