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The Wandering Mystics where among the first packs formed after the Death of Alpha Amatheus Antonius van Leeuwenhoeck and with that one of the first packs of the new Bluepelt Sept.

The Pack was formed after a battle with a guardian spirit named Gholam. Several at that time very young theurges a philodox and a galliard where rallied under the Banner of the Glasswalker Ahroun Sebastiaan van Leeuwenhoeck, Nephew of the former Alpha, The suvivors of that battle where the first to call them selfs the Wandering Mystics, a name based on the mindset of the pack and not as common folklore likes to tell from the large number of Silent Striders among it's members.

The wandering mystics treasured the idea of wisdom and cooperation among the Garou, which kept them on the move with The Blue pelt sept as their main base.

Their pack has delivered many rite masters from whom Commix is the most famous and two Alpha's Sebastiaan van Leeuwenhoeck and Reinardt Müller who's known to be the longest reining and therefor the best Alpha of the Sept.

Among many of their deeds are the discovery of the lost Cearn of Delft, which almost destroyed the pack through betrayle from outside, several epic travels along the Umbra and Persuading Grandfather thunder to aid the sept in the destruction of a wyrmdragon.

With the time passing by the wandering minds of the Mystics set of to spread the message of the pack, with the sole exception of Reinhardt Müller who held the base. Later still more members came to the pack, and after the unfortunate death of Reinhardt, Lightning-Caller took over the pack to lead it into the many battles to come.

For many months in 2008, the Wandering Mystics booked a lot of successes in the battle against the Wyrm. With all of their members holding important positions in the Bluepelt Sept (Maureen - Sept Alpha, Francisco - Elder Theurge, LightningCaller - Ritemaster, Stalks the Wyld - Elder Ragabash), they were truly a dominating presence in the sept and gained much renown with both friends and foes.

In Juni, 2008 LightningCaller and Francisco were slain by the Abomination. Francisco was victorious in slaying the abomination using the Twin Klaives called Broedermoord but died while Maureen gave the abomination the final blow by staking him through the heart. This has gravely weakened this pack, and its history is uncertain.

In Juli, 2008 Silent Rage joined the pack.

In August, 2008 Stalks the Wyld and Silent Rage were both killed.

In September, 2008, Maureen announced to the sept she had discoverd the hiding place of Chalice Stormbringer. That same night, Stormbringer had Maureen executed for 'treason'. With the death of the last Wandering Mystic, their long and winding roads seems to have come to an end.

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