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The Nachtchirurgijn, aka Abel van Henegouwen aka Willem V, is a Leech, a Vampire of several hundreds of years old, and one of the Bluepelt Septs greatest enemies.

He is known to have masterminded the destruction of the Kabeljauwse sept, which was the predecesor of the current Bluepelt Sept.

He has made himself known in Januari 2016 summoning all 5 of the Elders of the Sept claiming that the Veill should not be broken. While this is true it is even more tragic to hear this from our greatest enemy.

In March 2017 a new Cliath broke the Veill in the TU-wijk which resulted in the death of several kinfolk at the hands of the Nachtchirurgijn. They were the Kinfolk of Omerta who promised the Nachtchirurgijn the lives of his family if the Sept would ever break the Veill. The same evening 5 possessed mortals appeared on the Agathaplein perfoming somekind of ritual forcing some of the Garou to bleed on de Umbra. They were saying 1 of the Garou had to give their lives to make up for the breach. The Cliath responsible, "The Cosmopolitan", stepped forward and Zwarte Parel struck him with her Klaive.

In June 2017 the Sept was brought to a pocketrealm where they were granted a vision. This vision was about the attack that Willem van Beieren led on Delft and the deal that he struck. See Juni 2017 for more information.


  • Used a black coach in previous centuries.

Known lairs:

  • The Nachtchirurgijn claimed the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) as his territory. No Garou, or someone associated with, is allowed to enter on the Realm nor the Umbra. A breach of his territory will result in the destruction of the Bluepelt Sept.
  • Underground crypt, Delft

An extensive tunnel-network is currently being explored by the Full Moon-pack. It is believed that this will eventually lead up to the Night Ripper's lair...

Part of the castle is open for the public, part is used as 'private residence'. The Night Ripper moved here when Doom fell upon Delft.

According to an Arcanum-scholar this is one of several lairs used by the Night Ripper. It makes you wonder about all these myths surrounding Jack te Ripper being of royal blood...

Known lieutenants:

Known goons:

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