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On the Cearn's altar -between the many trophies, symbols and memorials- a small chest can be found. Inside this chest are found a few items and numberous documents, ravaged by time. Yet when looking at the date it becomes clear that the documents, which are written in an old Dutch dialect, are very well preserved across time, making you wonder if the chest is a fetish made for that purpose.

(Below mentioned documents are written in Dutch. Apologies to none-Dutch readers.)

Inside the chest the following documents are found:


Boek van Inhoud pagina 5

Gladius Vectra

De Zielensplijter

In het jaar des heres 1348

In het jaar des heres 1398

In het Jaar des Heres 1399

Delft 1580

Delft 16 maart 1869

Uit de geschriften van Jullius del Nocius

Van Vrede’s Krans tot Kroon van Holland