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Where most packs are formed by friends or tribesmates, Hammer was created in a rather peculiar way. Somewhere in 2004, an old Fianna visited the Bluepelt sept. He claimed that his death was upon him and challenged the sept to fight each other to gain ownership of his fetish Magwodan, also know as "Hammer". When all of the packs stepped forward, a small number of packless garou were left behind. These were forced by the Alpha to compete as a pack as well. As fate would have it, they held fast and managed to defeat all the current packs in challenge. They then officially formed their pack and named it "Hammer", consisting of Raymond, Sherine, Jessie-O, Promise Janssen, a nameless Bone Gnawer (C-mille) and Jozeph.

Under the leadership of the aggressive Raymond pack Hammer was the first to fight, anywhere, anytime. To prove themselves, they challenged and triumphed over their rival Mjolnir for the title "Strongest pack of the Bluepelt sept". Other Garou joined this pack, including the legendary Promise Jansen and the renowned Shortcut.


The pack had set their minds on the Chainbreaker wolf as a totem, as his aggressiveness matched that of the pack. After defeating a pack of Black Spiral Dancers and their totem Gorgamonga (called gorgelgorgel by Sherine and Raymond)(with the help of Boar) they marched to the fenrir wolf and told him of their victory. Since Chainbreaker would only support those that could defeat him in combat, he set upon the battle-weary pack and tore them apart.

Although Chainbreaker seemed to have changed his mind in regard to the pack, they set off to quest for Boar, the totem of their fallen packmate Promise. In their long trek, they encountered some other totems but ended up in the domain of the disputed Bear. C-mille, being the only one able to talk to the totem, managed to talk both her Silver Fang packmates into bonding with Bear. The sept ridiculed them on their return and Jozeph put his Elder Philodox position up for challenge.

The end

An interesting moment was the death of Burns the Frost. Raymond had set out a challenge for all those wanting to join, to take a truffel from Boar and deliver it to the sept. None of the sept stood up to the challenge, probably because of the fearsome reputation of this spirit. However, Burns the Frost announced he wanted to do a public speech to the pack. When battle intervened, Burns the Frost died. And as he fell, a truffel rolled out of his clenched fists. He was made member at his funeral. Nasty voices tell that Burns the Frost actually wanted to smash the truffel into Raymond's face to mock him for his arrogance, but such are baseless lies only heard whispered When Raymond got troubled by his battlescars (he had many), he called a challenge for Alpha of Hammer. Only Sherine toke him up on his challenge. Falkon was the judge in this challenge, and after a difficult decision, claimed that Sherine had won the challenge. Sherine asked Jozeph to be her beta, and he accepted.

From there, the many fights and deaths started to wear on the garou. As the scars grew, the fire slowly died and the decline set in. The greatest blow was the fall of Raymond himself. Already shivering and having trouble walking, he died fighting a minor maggot spirit. And thereafter, the pack was broken. Sherine did her best to keep Hammer alive by getting new blood into Hammer. So Hymn-to-the-dead and Shortcut joined Hammer. Shortcut died saving the pathstone of the Veluwe. Sherine died as well, together with her rumored partner Schokbeton, in the battle to save the garou in Groningen. There is some talk of a hidden shrine to Sherine and Raymond somewhere on the umbra.

For all the members Hammer had, only three remained.C-mille, who was lost. Rumors had her slithering through town speaking to non-existing spirits, while others said she ended up in jail. Jozeph, who now was the alpha of both pack and sept. And Hymns-the-Dead, who was recalled by his elders to return to America. The last two visited bear in a short but emotional ceremony. They took their place in half a circle in front of bear, where they left an awfully lot of open space for their fallen members and disbanded the pack.


Say-meal never abandoned totem bear. As the last hamerite, she was killed in battle when the sept attacked the Wyrm riddled Thor at the Veluwe.




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