Seekers of the Past

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Seekers of the Past is one of Delft's 'newer' packs, nevertheless having aided and fought for the Bluepelt Sept for nigh-on 2 years now. Its members have long served the Bluepelt Sept by fulfilling the Warder, Elder Galliard, Elder Theurge and Den Father positions. In ideal, they seek to guard the ways of the Garou in Delft, a difficult task given the Sept's tendency to seek the new and desperate way. Hosting the respectable totem Lord Falcon, they are constantly sure to give respect where it is due, especially to ways and lore of old, as well as spirits and their masters of higher rank.

Until recently they were also the diplomats between the Septs of Groningen and Delft. To their grief, the Sept of Groningen was destroyed by Black Spiral Dancers. In a battle for the territory of Groningen, they lost their leader, "Howls-with-Joy", which left the pack decapacitated. Leadership was turned to Jozeph, who proved weak and reluctant in this position. As both him and Fransisco stepped away from the pack, Eric had no choice but to disband. It is said falcon took this as a personal insult, which grieved Bernard heavily.

Last Members

Jozeph 'Der Prinz' von Krirchten-nach-Wolfgang - Pack Alpha, Philodox

Erik 'O Connor - Pack Beta, Philodox

Bernard van Hofstede - Galliard

Francisco "Learns the Dark" Guillermo de Gorvida - Theurge

Svyatlov "Looking for trouble" - Ragabash

Deceased Members

Jonathan "Howls of Joy" Wolfgang Stefanovic - Galliard (2006)

Frederich "Panzerfaust" - Ahroun (2006)

Brennan Mac'Anbhaird - Galliard (2005)

Fritz Wolfgang Stefanovic - Kinfolk (2005)