Seekers of the Righteous Blood

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Their Story so Far:

A Pack of Silverfang from the House of the Gleaming Eye has come together with a united goal to find the first strain of Wyrm taint in the Bloodline of the Garou. A prophecy they claim to have found states that this Tainting of the Bloodline will start in the City of Blue. In August 2014, this pack has claimed The Recalsifier's Sawblade and with that, the title of Strongest Pack.

Known members:

Deceased Members:

  • Zilveren Storm Silverfang Ahroun Homid Fostern - Gestorven in de strijd tegen Pestilence.

Previous members:



Feared by the Wyrm


Known Associates:

Pack Trophies:

The Recalsifier's Sawblade (Trophy van het Sterkste Pack van Delft)