The Tournament of Kings

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On the 18th of June, 2016, there shall be a great tournament to decide who shall be the next King of the Netherlands. All important information about this tournament can be found here.

The tournament is a challenge decided upon by the Silverfang Council of Elders. All who wish to be king can join in the challenge.

The rules of the tournament

Each would-be king shall get three challenges, to be completed on or before the date of the tournament, with the help of only his or her pack. The Garou of the Netherlands shall all get three challenges, which shall take place on the day of the tournament. Each citizen chooses for which would-be kings he or she shall fight in these challenges. The would-be king that wins most of these challenges shall be crowned right after the tournament.

There are many specific rules to the tournament. These can be read in this letter, as send by the Council of Elders.

The challengers

At the moment, there are four challengers known:

The challengers are free to send messengers to all cearns in the Netherlands, to spread the word of the would-be kings and answer questions of the Garou. These messengers can be reached at any time up to the tournament.

The Winner