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This. Is. BLUEPELT! (* schopt man uit raam bovenste verdieping Weena Rotterdam *)


Slipknot: Slipknot (from Mate-Feed-Kill-Repeat)

Pentex sucks! Pentex sucks!! They drain the life force of my tribe Pentex sucks!

Bonegnawers suck! Bonegnawers suck!! They roll around in garbage bins All Bonegnawers suck!!

(Pentex is bleeding but night is falling)

The Black Hand sucks! The Black Hand sucks!! Those wyrm-tainted bastard leeches Black Hand sucks!

If I had my way! If I had my way! I'd rend them all ripped and torn ALL THAT SUCKS DIES!!

(Sweet smell bleeding glow is melting me)

I bring my klave into battle Shifting into Crinos - I slay wyrmfoe Then I step sideways....

You can't see me, for I hide within the Umbra

Former characters:

Marcus Antonius van Leeuwenhoek

Partly based on the main character from American Psycho. A kinfolk charmer who turned out to be harvesting the skins of fallen garou. Unceremoniously shot through the head by Bjorn. Anti-climax redefined.

Dies-Last Dawnstalker

A wise but twisted metis Shadow-Lord theurge. Had an uncommon affection for Bone-Gnawers. Ran away with his half-sister when the heat was creeping up in Delft. Still alive, still at large and still deranged.


The epithome of uselessness. Would rather hang with the homies and smoke the green then fight the wyrm. When he actually did fight, he insulted the wrong bane and got impaled on a tentacle. Hemp grows on his grave.

Jozeph 'Der Prinz' von Krichten-nach-Wolfgang

A somewhat subdued professor type character with a number of personal values he bravely defends.

Karsten 'Trol'

Angry eyes, angry mouth. I am not hiding under my bridge, I'm just trying to get away from you useless cowards. When will you fight?

Donald 'De Markies'

..urban nobility. Excuzes-moi, but could thee pass me the three euro wine?

To the head

Where men fear to tread

Hidden from the world

For all to hide

Where the wolves come to die